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We already know that bees are very good for the ecosystem since they provide us with products such as honey. Still, it must also be said that they are annoying insects that, harmful and that can generate allergies in addition to the fact that many people have a panic about being bitten by these.

Here We Leave You Natural Ways to Eliminate Bees: 

Soap and Water:

You can use this method by pouring six tablespoons of dish detergent and 2 liters of water; you will have to throw that mixture in the hive. But make sure before wearing clothes that protect you from possible bites; we recommend that you try to do it at night when they are resting.

Borax Powder:

 This boric acid or natural insecticide borax is excellent for getting rid of bees. It is harmless to humans unless used in large quantities; if you cannot introduce this powder into the hive, place the borax in dust in places where bees are more, where they flutter the most.

Plants and Spices:

 Surely you did not know this trick; plants serve to ward off bees. Examples of these plants are absinthe, eucalyptus, mint, and citronella. It may not be an urgent solution, but you can continue with these plants to avoid another future hive in your home after eliminating these.


 As it could not be missing, the vinegar is always present to help us mix in a container in equal parts water and vinegar and spray this liquid both in the nest of bees and wherever you see that they frequent the most.

Plastic Bag:

 Although saying this seems like a joke, it is not. A plastic bag can scare away the bees so that they stay away; you must hang where you most want a plastic bag full of water and with a coin inside. It seems that due to their eyes, special people are afraid of this little invention.

But these remedies are temporary, and after some days, bees will come back. So, the best and easy solution is to hire Brisbane bees control companies.

Bees are a protected species that are currently in serious danger of extinction. It is why bees can only be controlled when they interfere with humans.

As a rule, bees swarm in high places, although there have been cases that they have nested on the sidewalk. They are usually installed on cornices, building facades, trees, etc.

The swarm removal has to be done by specialized personnel from best bees control Brisbane, due to the danger of the bites when we disturb the swarm and because it is a protected species.

We must always proceed to the withdrawal at night, which is when they are resting, have less activity, and are all in the swarm.

At Bee Removal Brisbane (, we are professional and affordable bees control Brisbane. From our bee hive removal Brisbane pest control company, we can eliminate these annoying pests most effectively.

We use different treatments and in different spaces where they can appear. We also have related services such as water treatment or food safety, which complement our comprehensive services offer.

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