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Why is Humane Bee Removal the Ideal Way of Bee Control?

Whether you have a beautiful garden that attracts them or not, bees can choose your home or adjacent area to make their hive at any time. Yes, they prefer your lovely garden as a source of their food, but rooftop areas and nearby trees are their preferred place to thrive. Now, if you go for an online solution to eradicate them, you will definitely get a long list of DIY solutions to choose from. But you need to know about eco-friendly ways to get rid of bees. That is why you need local bee hive removal Brisbane.

Now, if you are thinking about how to contact professional bees control Brisbane, keep reading. But let’s start with why we need to remove the bees but not butcher them.

The dread of noticing the hive for the first time

We totally understand the dread you must have felt when you heard those buzzing for the first time. Let’s be practical; no matter how much we love honey, we do not like the bites of bees. And let’s not talk about panicking when they start roaming inside the house.

Bee bites are really painful. Apart from health issues, bees can cause serious structural damage to your house. Bee hives are usually of massive size with the weight of stored honey and wax. The seeping honey, waste, gradually increasing weight of bee hive, and fear of bee bites are enough reasons to encourage you to open your browser and type “bee exterminators near me” or “beehive removers near me.

Why Should You Remove Bees without Harming them?

Do you know not only honey bees but all living creatures are directly related to the human race’s survival?

But let’s talk about bees for now.

Bees and Humans – Coexistence and Extinction

One out of 3 mouthfuls of food, you are taking comes from those trees which are visited by pollinators. Bees are one of the most active and important pollinators. Honey bees pollinate numerous vital crops and food sources.

Most of our food sources will cease to exist if bees stop pollinating them, or better to say if we keep killing them. So if bees become an endangered species, we will be too.

They are innocent beings who do not really understand the concept of our civilization and our privacy and invade our homes without understanding what invading is. We need to be careful while removing them. You need to browse “beehive remover near me” to hire the best bees control Brisbane. Professional bee control companies use eco-friendly products and use organic ways to get rid of bees.

Bees and World Economy

Bees contribute to the economy as a whole. Apart from fertilizing flowers and plants, honey bees produce one of the cheapest yet nutritional edibles, honey. Honey is organic, low in calories, and full of antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Honey has become vital to the livelihood and income of a few communities around the globe. Honey and wax are very important raw materials for many other consumer products like medicines, cosmetics, and so on.

Let’s Save the Bees

Once you detect the beehive, contact local bee hive removal Brisbane and ask if they can relocate the hive. The whole process requires a special skill set, and you shouldn’t be trying it on your own; it is a task best left to professionals.

What’s Humane Bee Removal?

Yes, bees are unwelcome in your home, just like any other pests. National Bee Biosecurity Program is taking special care to help the exotic bees and stop the mindless killing in Australia. Let’s take a look at the steps to make sure it’s a humane bee removal possess

  • Look for a Beekeeper, and bees control Brisbane.
  • Initially, use smoke to keep them away.
  • Use mothballs.
  • Cinnamon, Garlic spray, and Citronella Candles help keep them at bay.
  • Use gloves, a mask, and other protective gear if you are near the hive while it is being removed.

Wrapping it up

Bees are a necessary evil, the downright scary if you get a closer look. They are not at all cute like cartoon bumble bees. But they have a huge contribution to our existence and race. Killing bees is not only a question of empathy, it will eventually lead us to an existential crisis. Intolerance, the pride of being human, and the power of intelligence are slowly but surely leading us to a Biblica apocalypse. Let’s be a bit responsible and take some action rather than blaming the whole system and government.

We, as a professional bee control company, can help you be a responsible citizen of Brisbane, Australia, and this planet by implementing an eco-friendly bee removal process. Contact us today and let’s have a look at those bee hives, shall we?

Why Your House Is Attracting Bees?

If you are gaping why your house is attracting bees, then this blog post is for you. Bees are drawn to homes with flowers or plants in the yard, vents on the roof, and chimneys. Other reasons contribute to attracting bees into your home. Read on to learn the details and when to search for “bee exterminators near me to keep them away from your house!

Why does your house attract bees?

There are many causes why bees are drawn to your home. One of them is the scent of flowers and plants in the yard. If you have any, search for “local bees pest control near me,” they can help you to prevent attracting bees. Vents on your roof can also lead them into the home, such as kitchen, bathroom or laundry room vents. Bees will nest in attics and gutters, which is another reason why they might find their way inside your home without permission!

Understanding how bees get in your home

Bees are small insects which means they can get through small holes and cracks. These include:

  • Unmanaged and everyday holes

Bees can easily get into your home through any holes or cracks on your roof, chimneys and vents.

  • Chimneys

It is recommended to use a screen when having fires to stop bees from getting into the living space of your house. This also applies to wood stoves, fireplace inserts etc. It’s not just about preventing them from coming inside, but it’s also vital that they don’t die indoors as this can lead to an unpleasant smell!

  • Kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room vents

These vents are usually used by homeowners who may be unaware that these small openings leave their homes vulnerable to bee infestation, which results in nests being built around venting areas throughout the seasons – especially in the summer.

  • Attics and gutters

In most cases, bees will often prefer to build their nests in high up areas such as attics or rooftops where they have easy access to both food sources and a nesting place all year round with little disturbance from homeowners. In addition, these places also provide an excellent source of water for them during hot days, especially when rain is scarce. This is why hiring a local bee hive removal Brisbane to handle these situations is paramount.

Keeping bees away from your house

Now that we have understood why bees are attracted to our homes, we must know how to protect ourselves from their stings

  • Avoid flowers and plants that attract bees

The most effortless way of keeping yourself safe from these insects is by looking for “local bee removal brisbane to remove the food sources they need to survive – which includes nectar-producing plants, honey production facilities (beekeeping), fruit trees, any source of water or waste materials with fermenting yeast.

  • Prevent yard nesting

Bees are known to build their nests in trees, bushes and shrubs. Browsing for “beehive removal near me” can help in these areas from your yard or keep them at a distance where you can easily manage the situation if required. Also, ensure that you should dispose of nesting materials such as twigs and rocks properly.

  • Avoiding wasps

Wasps come near houses for food sources like sugary drinks and other sweet foods we store inside our homes (like jam). They also get attracted by meat-based products and fish-based food items kept outside on BBQ grills. Keep all such things away from open windows/doors so that there is no chance of any insect getting close to it.

  • Home remedies

In some cases, you can also try home remedies to get rid of bees from your house. One such remedy is mixing vinegar with dishwashing soap and placing it in a spray bottle. It would be best to combine the solution correctly in the spray bottle and then use this mixture for spraying on bee-infested areas (like windows) so that they cannot enter inside again through these places.

Getting Rid Of Bees without Killing Them and How Professional Bee Control Can Help You Find the Best Solution

Are you tired of bees constantly bugging in your ears? Do you want to get rid of them instantly? The best way to get rid of them is to contact a professional bee control. They can do it professionally and can also ensure that the bees do not enter your home again.

The beehive removal experts are the most efficient people who can handle all types of bees with their skills and expertise.

What are the steps to get rid of bees without actually killing them?

Some of the ways that could help to eliminate the bees from your house without killing them are:

  1. One can hang a pack of mothballs near the nest because the bees cannot stand the smell of mothballs.
  2. A vinegar spray solution is also one of the most effective techniques to evade out all the bees from your place.
  3. Cardamom and Cinnamon are a few of the spices that are disliked by bees. As soon as you sprinkle these powders around the beehives, the bees would automatically relocate.
  4. Using citronella candles is also one of the easiest ways to evade out all the bees. The smell of citronella is powerful, which makes it difficult for bees to live.
  5. Any form of smoke is supposed to trigger the bees and thus lead to their relocation. They consider smoke to be a dangerous form of fire that could destroy their habitat.

But all these measures are temporary and thus lead to the reoccurrence of the bees. So, it would be best to connect either with a bee removal expert or with a local bee hive removal agency to eliminate the bees. They can deploy a permanent solution and ensure they do not reoccur anytime after treatment. And if you are anywhere near Brisbane, it would be best to look for the local bee hive removal Brisbane who could solve all your problems.

Why is it necessary to remove the bees from your place?

We must remove them because of several reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Although everyone likes the sweet smell of honey, it becomes troublesome for everyone if the beehives are centred in your residence.
  2. One may experience several allergies that may turn serious. So, it’s best to treat it timely.
  3. Some of the bees, like carpenter bees, can cause damage to your property.
  4. The stings caused by bees are quite painful; hence bee removal is essential.

What are the advantages of hiring professional help?

Some of the key advantages of hiring professional help are:

  1. The bees specialist is well equipped with all the modern tools and technologies used for the bees’ termination.
  2. They can reach all the untraceable sites of the house like the bed underside, back of the wardrobes, beneath the closets, and other furniture where the beehives could be residing and manifesting.
  3. After the removal of the bees, they also clean the entire place post-termination. They inspect the entire property to ensure there is no re-infestation of any kind in the future.
  4. They deploy the most feasible, tried, and tested solutions to eradicate all the bees from your residence.
  5. The professional experts have a better idea of the species of bees invading your area. Moreover, one needs to be extra careful while removing them because they sting badly. So, the experts will be able to handle it with perfection.

In this world full of competition, it is quite challenging to search for a good company that can provide you with its best services. But with some proper search, you can do it. If you are a resident of Brisbane, it becomes easy for you. All you need to do is open google search engine and type “professional bee control Brisbane” or “bee removal expert Brisbane.” You will get an entire list of Brisbane experts who can terminate the bees from your house permanently.


Bees can be annoying at times, and you must remove them before they make a mess. DIY can help you temporarily fix the bees infestation issue, but a professional expert can help you deal with it permanently. You can browse for the bees specialist near me and locate the nearest ones.

Queries to Confirm Before Calling Bee Hive Removal Service

If you have come across a beehive in your property, calling an expert as quickly as possible should be your only option. You should never ignore bee swarms and infestations, especially when they put the lives of people in danger. Meanwhile, local bee hive removal Brisbane recommends calling an expert rather than waiting and hoping the bees leave the premises.

However, here are some queries you should definitely ask before availing beehive removal service.

Are Bees Harmed During The Process?


You know that bees are pretty important for human survival; therefore, ask the company how they plan to treat bees during and after the removal process. Some companies use harsh chemicals which eventually kill honey bees. On the other side, leaving behind unsafe chemicals can be dangerous for your family too.

It is essential to know how these experts plan to sort out issues. In fact, here’s what one of the best bees control Brisbane has to say “Live bee removal companies have the option to use specialized techniques. This removes bees alive from the property without killing them.”

Here, a particular type of organic insecticide is used. This allows the bees to fly off from their hives with zero harm.

Will It Return Back?

The return of bees is one of the most significant concerns amongst people. Obviously, you don’t want to spend your time and money on those things that come with no benefits. Better, you may ask the steps a local bees control Brisbane uses to ward off these flies.

The bee removal process is worth experiencing. After the removal process finishes, these technicians use special repellents that prevent bees from further infestation. There are sealants to cover holes, and there are other organic chemicals that keep bees away from the area.

So you don’t have to bug about anything!

What Should I Do If Bees Have Damaged My Property?


Property damage is quite common. However, such things happen with significant loss. Giant hives are heavy in weight; therefore, they come with a greater risk of harm, especially to beams and pipes.

When the technicians reach your place, you should make sure that such problems are eliminated without the need for a contractor to repair the damage. For that, you can always search on Google “bee hive removal near me.

The removal process can be tricky and sometimes may need to remove structure pieces to access the entire hive. Therefore, it is encouraged to select a professional when removing the beehive from your property.


You need to choose a removal company with an expert as bee infestation is quite dangerous. Seek help and keep your property free from bees.