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Unknown Facts About Bees You Never Knew About

If there is the presence of bees in your yards or garden, they buzz incessantly. Applying DIY home remedies like water mixture, soap, or vinegar/ borax in the hives do not harm their existence.

Bees are more active during the summer and spring. They live in 50,000-strong colonies. Already worried? Well, just run a location-specific search like local bees pest control near me and hire them.

Professional bee control Brisbane eliminates a beehive without impacting the bees.

Unknown facts regarding bees

  • Earth has 25,000 different species of bees.
  • Most bee species don’t conform to the popular picture of a bee. Some are round and large, but many are small and skinny.
  • Bees are good for our ecosystem.
  • Demolishing hives is not a sensible decision.
  • The largest bee in the world’s largest bee is Wallace’s Giant Bee or the Megachile Pluto, named after the Victorian naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, who recorded it first.
  • Some bees lick human sweat.
  • Male bees never sting. Female bees Sting to defend themselves.
  • Bees release pheromones to alert others.
  • They are docile if left alone.
  • They attack sensitive body parts like ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Honey bees consume honey made from nectar during winter to get energy.
  • Bees help in the pollination of fruits, nuts, veggies, herbs, spices, oil crops, fodder crops for dairy cattle, meat, and other livestock, and coffee.
  • They pollinate medicinal plants like aspirin and morphine; fibres like cotton and linen; and trees that supply timber for construction.
  • A honeybee colony resembles a tree.
  • Honeybees can seal the honeycomb with a white wax cap. It keeps the honey fresh for the winter in an airtight container.

Why is beehive destruction not a good idea?

Bees are valuable as they help in pollination. Unsettling the habitats of these innocent insects can take a toll upon the balance of nature. Because of massive construction and environmental pollution, honey bees are on the verge of extinction.

Google, the bee hive removal expert near me to receive a quote. Following are some of the tips you may use for personal benefit

  1. It’s important to give the bees some space and maintain distance.
  2. Keep pets and kids away from bee-infested areas. When kids at home are uneasy with insect stings or get allergies, ask them to keep a distance.
  3. Try to detect their origin.
  4. Spray insecticides could be an illicit source of selling.
  5. Appointing professional help is crucial to remove bees effectively.
  6. We try to discard all traces of the hive and rebuild the damaged part as well.

Where Do Professionals Excel?

The local bees pest control uses state-of-the-art equipment for beehive termination. We opt for thorough cleaning of your surrounding area. No mess, smell, or fumigation is left. Hire affordable bees to control Brisbane.

Experts go for timely disposal of the beehive before it poses any risk to your existence. While searching for a bee specialist near me, check the website thoroughly. We use tested equipment and the latest strategies to perform the job.

Relocating hives from a residential area is a prudent decision. You can google beehive removers near me in this regard.

● Smoke Treatment

We know that honey bees hate smoke. Therefore, we have simply tried to use this trait to eradicate them. Artificial smell works well in beehive termination. But, applying this method without sufficient precautionary measures is risky.

● Application Of Garlic Spray

The usage of garlic spray is a pure organic procedure. Garlic has a pungent smell, and it helps to discard the tiny beehives without causing any damage to them.

● Citronella

Professionals like us use citronella candles to remove the beehives from your residence. Burning it for a few days offers a fair result.

● Using Absinthe/Peppermint/ Eucalyptus:

These plants have a strong smell which is favourable to drive bees away.

● Cinnamon Smell

Local application of cinnamon aroma for a week or so helps eradicate the bees away. It makes our job easy to destroy the beehive.

Although economical, sometimes they could be dangerous for human existence. We need to follow eco-safe methods to remove a beehive for environmental protection.

Are DIY Techniques Enough To Deal With Bee Infestation In Brisbane?

Often you find bees singing and dancing while infesting your yards. Their continual buzzing from the beehives in your garden irritates you. Sometimes you use DIY home remedies in the terrace, garden, or yard for disposing of the beehives. But, it doesn’t turn out to be beneficial as they disappear for some time only to come back the next summer. Even after a dozen applications of bug spray, they sting your pets.

Once winter disappears, new queen bees hatch and begin looking for new homes. When you have left your yard untouched, there are chances they will move back into comfortable places and undisturbed hives.

As you can find, DIY spraying methods are of no use for long-term beehive removal. They might help in one summer but will not provide a permanent solution. That’s why you need to hire a professional like Bee removal Brisbane.

Role of Professionals Bee removal Brisbane: 

The bee removal expert uses state-of-the-art appliances for beehive elimination. We do a thorough cleaning of your surrounding area. No mess, smell, or fumigation is left. Professional bee control delivers quality service at an economical rate.

Experts opt for quick disposal of the beehive before it poses any danger to your existence. We are always well familiar with the procedures and updated to extract beehives from your place. We use specially tested equipment and the latest strategies to perform the job. 

Relocating beehives from a residential area could be a safe decision. You can google local bees pest control in this regard.

  • Smoke Treatment Is Highly Effective

Honey bees hate smoke, and we have simply attempted to utilize this trait to drive them away. Artificial smell works well in beehive termination. However, applying this strategy without adequate precautionary measures could be dangerous.

  • Application Of Garlic Spray

Garlic has a pungent smell, and the usage of garlic spray is a pure organic method. The method helps to discard the tiny beehives without causing any damage to them.

  • Citronella

The bees specialists use citronella candle works to eliminate the beehive from your residence. Burning it for a few days provides a satisfactory result.

  • Using Absinthe/Peppermint/ Eucalyptus:

The plants have an intense smell which is advantageous to drive them away.

  • Cinnamon Smell

Bee removal Brisbane applies cinnamon aroma locally for a week helps drive the bees away.

If you need any further information, you can browse our website at https://www.beeremovalbrisbane.com.au. Bees are economic creatures, but sometimes they become risky for human existence. Natural DIY techniques for beehive removal consist of some threats. For environmental protection, we apply eco-friendly procedures to remove a beehive.

Pros and Cons of DIY Remedies:

Although Do It Yourself methods are a cheap and convenient way of dealing with pests. Also, you do not require much knowledge to apply them. Just read the instructions on the label or go to the internet to do some research regarding the particular insect or product.

But, remember, bees are good for our ecosystem. They help in pollination. With little skill and lack of experience, you may disturb the habitats of these innocuous insects, which can obstruct the balance of nature eventually. Honey bees are on the verge of extinction due to heavy construction and environmental pollution.

The chemicals you use, carry potential risks for people, pets, and plants. Demolishing hives is not a good decision. You can apply soap and water mixture or borax powder/vinegar to put in the hives. The techniques do not harm their life. But, when do-it-yourself remedies fail, you must google professional bee control Brisbane to receive a quote.

In this internet era, it is not hard to find a competent pest control service. Just run a location-specific search like local bees pest control near me to hire them. They use effective methods to treat the infestation and provide a warranty for their service as well.

Bees are useful pollinators and responsible for growing the fruits and vegetables we eat. So, hire a professional and reliable bee removal company to manage the issue on time.

Why Your House Is Attracting Bees?

If you are gaping why your house is attracting bees, then this blog post is for you. Bees are drawn to homes with flowers or plants in the yard, vents on the roof, and chimneys. Other reasons contribute to attracting bees into your home. Read on to learn the details and when to search for “bee exterminators near me to keep them away from your house!

Why does your house attract bees?

There are many causes why bees are drawn to your home. One of them is the scent of flowers and plants in the yard. If you have any, search for “local bees pest control near me,” they can help you to prevent attracting bees. Vents on your roof can also lead them into the home, such as kitchen, bathroom or laundry room vents. Bees will nest in attics and gutters, which is another reason why they might find their way inside your home without permission!

Understanding how bees get in your home

Bees are small insects which means they can get through small holes and cracks. These include:

  • Unmanaged and everyday holes

Bees can easily get into your home through any holes or cracks on your roof, chimneys and vents.

  • Chimneys

It is recommended to use a screen when having fires to stop bees from getting into the living space of your house. This also applies to wood stoves, fireplace inserts etc. It’s not just about preventing them from coming inside, but it’s also vital that they don’t die indoors as this can lead to an unpleasant smell!

  • Kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room vents

These vents are usually used by homeowners who may be unaware that these small openings leave their homes vulnerable to bee infestation, which results in nests being built around venting areas throughout the seasons – especially in the summer.

  • Attics and gutters

In most cases, bees will often prefer to build their nests in high up areas such as attics or rooftops where they have easy access to both food sources and a nesting place all year round with little disturbance from homeowners. In addition, these places also provide an excellent source of water for them during hot days, especially when rain is scarce. This is why hiring a local bee hive removal Brisbane to handle these situations is paramount.

Keeping bees away from your house

Now that we have understood why bees are attracted to our homes, we must know how to protect ourselves from their stings

  • Avoid flowers and plants that attract bees

The most effortless way of keeping yourself safe from these insects is by looking for “local bee removal brisbane to remove the food sources they need to survive – which includes nectar-producing plants, honey production facilities (beekeeping), fruit trees, any source of water or waste materials with fermenting yeast.

  • Prevent yard nesting

Bees are known to build their nests in trees, bushes and shrubs. Browsing for “beehive removal near me” can help in these areas from your yard or keep them at a distance where you can easily manage the situation if required. Also, ensure that you should dispose of nesting materials such as twigs and rocks properly.

  • Avoiding wasps

Wasps come near houses for food sources like sugary drinks and other sweet foods we store inside our homes (like jam). They also get attracted by meat-based products and fish-based food items kept outside on BBQ grills. Keep all such things away from open windows/doors so that there is no chance of any insect getting close to it.

  • Home remedies

In some cases, you can also try home remedies to get rid of bees from your house. One such remedy is mixing vinegar with dishwashing soap and placing it in a spray bottle. It would be best to combine the solution correctly in the spray bottle and then use this mixture for spraying on bee-infested areas (like windows) so that they cannot enter inside again through these places.